Activists group for Human Rights ‘BARAM’ is

a human rights movement organization

that values equality and peace to protect each other's dignity,

and values solidarity and action in fighting

against the power of discrimination and oppression.

BARAM strive to make a society of human liberation

in which the value of equality is embodied

against patriarchy and capitalism that suppresses the rights of members of society.

 We pursue for Anti-capitalism, Feminism.

We pursue for Activity on the struggling spot.

the meaning of


'Baram' means wind and hope in Korean.

It means the will to create the wind of the human rights movement

and the hope to create a society where human rights are realized.

In 2018, the organization was established by announcing the <Declaration of Human Rights Rewritten by Feminism>.  We will be solidailty with the courageous steps of those whose voices are blocked, and we try to protect the dignity and human rights of all.

The Activities of 'BARAM'

Baram discovers agendas that reveal the reality of human rights and conducts fact-finding activities. We expose discrimination about irregular workers, women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities etc. We do social minority labor rights activities, National Human Rights Commission petition etc.

Bram trains human rights education to improve human rights sensitivity and awareness of rights among members of society.

Baram is in a place of struggle. The progress of human rights cannot be separated from the scene of eating, working, and fighting. When we breathe with people who are struggling, our progress becomes more transparent, our language becomes clearer, and we gain strength. Human rights are not colorful words, but people's practice and solidarity are believed to be made in places where they stand, so we conduct field-based human rights movements.

Baram is in solidarity with the struggle for dismissed workers, is together the struggle for social disasters, fights for abortion rights, and acts as a human rights violation monitor.

The international solidarity of 'BARAM'

Baram stands in solidarity with the struggle for democracy in Myanmar.

South Korean civil society groups gathered as one after Myanmar's military(junta) coup on Feb. 1, 2021. 'Korean Civil Society in Support of Democracy in Myanmar(Coalition of 106 organizations)' rallies and marches in solidarity with Myanmar's struggle, and commemorates the victims and executed activists.

Baram supported the protests of women's liberation and democracy in Iran.

16 September 2022, Mahsa Amini died for misusing the hijab. So angry women protested. The women's liberation protest escalated into a democratic protest. In South Korea, civil society groups gathered to support Iran's protests. We condemned the crackdown on the rally and stood in solidarity with the Iranian people.

Baram condemns Israel's genocide and stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

In October 2023, Korean civil society groups urgently gathered to condemn Israel's Genocide. We refused to call Palestinian-Israeli relations 'conflict' and said 'military occupation' or 'colonial rule'. We required on the South Korean government to stop supplying weapons and for Israel to stop the attack.